The U-dig 32 Excavator is the first one of the U-Dig series, and it comes with a

9 Hp Engine

The U-Dig 32 can be towed on the highway, it tows easily with a small car, ATV, lawn tractor or even pushed by handIt's designed to tackle a wide variety of jobs for the contractors, Home Owner, Hobby Farmer, and cottage owner. All the U-Dig 30's come standard with a thumb that allows you to pick up rocks or logs weighing over 1,200 lbs​

U-Dig 32

SKU: U-Dig 30
  •                                  (1) Year Warranty

    Unless otherwise stated in the materials that arrive with your product,
    U-Dig Backhoes are warranted for one (1) year against defects in materials
    or workmanship when put to ordinary and normal consumer use;
    ninety (90) days for any other use.
    For the purposes of all the above warranties, "ordinary and normal
    consumer use" refers to non-commercial residential use and does not
    include misuse, accidents or damage due to inadequate maintenance.
    U-Dig certifies that your U-Dig Backhoe is fit for ordinary purpos