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The U-Dig 32 Excavator is the tried and true original of the U-Dig series. It comes with a 9HP DUCAR Gas Engine.

The U-Dig 32 is towable around the yard, jobsite, and is also towable on the highway. It is designed to be easily towed with a small car, ATV, lawn tractor or even pushed by the integrated handIe.  The design of this unit allows it to tackle a wide variety of jobs for contractors, home owners, hobby farmers, and cottage owners. All the U-Dig 32's come standard with a thumb that allows you to pick up rocks or logs weighing over 1,200 lbs​!

U-Dig 32

  •                                             (1) Year Warranty

    Unless otherwise stated in the materials that arrive with your product, U-Dig Backhoes are warranted for one (1) year against defects in materials or workmanship,  when put to ordinary and normal consumer use. The warranty period for non consumer use is ninety (90) days.
    For the purposes of all the above warranties, "ordinary and normal
    consumer use" refers to non-commercial residential use and does not include misuse, accidents, or damage due to inadequate maintenance.
    U-Dig certifies that your U-Dig Backhoe is fit for ordinary purposes for which it has been designed. U-Dig however, limits the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness in duration to a period of 1 year in consumer use, ninety (90) days for non consumer use.
    The 1 Year Limited Warranty on a U-Dig Towable Backhoe starts on the date the machine ships from our location. The 1-Year Limited Warranty is applicable to the original owner and is non transferrable.
    The warranty holder is responsible for the performance of the required maintenance as defined by the manufacturer's owner's manuals. The warranty holder is responsible for replacement of normal wear parts such as air filters, hydraulic oil filters, highway tires, hydraulic hoses, spark plugs, teeth and cutting edges. Accessories to the machine are not covered by this warranty.
    During the warranty period, if a need to return the product to the manufacturer arises, the warranty holder is responsible for all transportation charges. During the warranty period, any warranty parts will be shipped by standard method at no charge to the
    warranty holder. Expedited shipping of warranty parts is the responsibility of the warranty holder.