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  • Introducing the U-Dig 33, an innovative piece of equipment perfect for digging and moving dirt. This machine boasts a 360-degree rotation, allowing for ease of use and maneuverability on the job site. Compact in size, it is designed to be towed by ATVs, trucks, and tractors, making it a versatile addition to any equipment fleet. Don't let its size fool you - the U-Dig 33 is a powerful tool that can handle even the toughest jobs. Upgrade your digging capabilities today with the U-Dig 33.



    Motor - 9hp gas engine

    Digging Depth - 7'

    Lifting Strength - 1200lbs

    Full Reach - 10'

    Swing Angle - 360 degrees

    Manual Thumb

    Manual stabilizers

    Tractor seat

    Bucket - all of our U-Digs come with your choice of either a 8", 12", or 15" digging bucket.



    9HP Honda GX270


    *Price shown is MSRP pricing

    U-Dig 33

    12 590,00C$Prix
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