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towable mini backhoe
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Towable Backhoes for Sale


Towable Backhoes for Sale


Years ago, I thought there must be a better way for the average person to get a machine for digging—something that was budget friendly, mobile, and high quality.


The end result was my line of U-Dig Excavators. I am proud to say they are Canadian-built, high-quality, easily towable, and affordable. With our focus on trust, honesty, and customer satisfaction, U-Dig Excavators can find the solution you need to get the job done right.


- U-Dig

Towable Excavators and Accessories

The U-Dig Excavator Line

Deliverable to anywhere in Canada and some parts of the US. Regardless of model, all U-Dig Excavators are designed to:

  • Be towed by a small car, ATV, and lawn tractor, or they can be pushed by hand

  • Be towed on the highway

  • Tackle a wide variety of jobs for the contractor, homeowner, hobby farmer, and cottage owner

  • Switch attachments easily. U-Dig Excavators are the only machines in their market class with our quick bucket dismount. Pull a pin, and drop the attachment.

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U-Dig 30

The original. Comes with a 6.5 HP engine, and a thumb that picks up rocks or logs weighing over 1,200 lbs.

small backhoe for sale near me
U-Dig 32

Same machine as the U-Dig 30, but with a 9 HP Lifan engine. Comes with a thumb that picks up rocks or logs weighing over 1,200 lbs.

33 2.png
U-Dig 33

Towable just like the U-Dig 30, but can rotate 360 degrees, with a digging depth of seven feet.

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U-Dig 40

The big brother of the U-Dig 30. Comes with a 15 HP Engine and a thumb that picks up rocks or logs weighing over 2,200 lbs.

Buckets, Log Grapples, and Ripper Teeth

Excavator Accessories

Additional accessories to make your job as easy as possible. 

backhoe bucket

8”, 12”, 15”, and 24” buckets manufactured with AR400 Steel Teeth. AR400 Steel is a high-carbon alloy steel specifically designed for abrasion and wear resistant applications.

excavator ripper tooth
Ripper Tooth

Rip through hard ground or cut roots.

log grapple for sale
Log Grapple

Load and unload a wide variety of log diameter and lengths.

Built from Scratch in Listowel, Ontario

Our Story

Years ago, I needed to dig a trench--about 20 feet long. My local home building center had a mini excavator for rent, but I needed a commercial vehicle to tow it. I didn’t have one so I left disappointed.


Then I had an idea: If I couldn't rent a mini ex, other people were probably having the same experience. There had to be a better way for the average person to be able to get a machine for digging.


My dad and I had a fabrication businesses and all the equipment necessary, so I built a towable backhoe with a frame and gas powered engine with a hydraulic pump. After, I learned there were similar machines coming out of China, but they were of questionable quality. So I made a design with the best quality materials while keeping costs down to make the final result affordable for the average homeowner.


We couldn’t be prouder of the final result.


- U-Dig Team

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Towable Backhoes Built to Last

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